Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Scan @ 10weeks

This is the scan of my precious little darling... When the doctor doing the scan, bb is bouncing and very active. From this scan can clearly see the head, the ears, eyes sockets, nose and lips... isnt he/she cute? Always look forward to see the gynae as that is when i can see my bb in the monitor. I am doing the NT scan on 27April and hope to see more of the bb movement then. Will keep all of you posted after the scan.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At 11weeks 3 Days of my Pregnancy

Have not being updating this blog for a while and i think i should keep my engine going.. (",)...
I promise some of my friends that i should update my blog when my pregnancy is more stable and here i am. I am 11weeks into my pregnancy and my tummy seem so big isnt it. When i have Myron, i think my tummy is is size when i am 4months preggie. Just hope this is ok and just hope is just because i eat too much. hehehe!! I eat well and sleep well but i do feel tired most time. Due to my big mouth, my morning sickness start kicking in when i am in my 8 weeks. When i am fine i feel paranoid saying how come no symptons, but now i regret what i had said cos i reali hate to puke!!! So far baby is doing well and seem very active the last time i did my scan. Baby when bouncing around and waving at the tv monitor... but when i shared this with David, he thinks i nonsense :( who cares... he misses it anyway. lets update the growth of my precious baby :-

6 weeks 5 days ~ 0.72cm (EDD - 05Nov)

8 weeks 5 days ~ 2.30cm (EDD - 05Nov)

10 weeks 2 days ~ 3.72cm (EDD - 07Nov)

The EDD seems to change but 07Nov is the date David hope baby is born as is between 04Nov (my bday) and 11Nov (his bday)... So lets see when baby decide to pop out then.... :)