Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pooing & Happy !!!!

Me and Mom always praise Megan when she poo and maybe cos of that, she always give us her greatest smile once she done her " big business ".. The above pictures is taken while she is pooing and when mom was cleaning/changing her. Can you imagine?? She is such a lovely baby and i cant help laughing while taking her pictures... so cheeky!! Just started her on spinach and these 2 days her poo really stink!!! but seeing her make us forgot about that awful smell. haha!!

Megan's little Friends

Today Megan's little friends ( Rayden, Timothy & Erica ) came to pay her a visit and at the same time try my potatoes and carrot puree.. I really enjoyed the 38 session with Doris, Mona and Kelly and hope we can do that more often. Is a pity Mona and Doris have to leave early but i am sure we will have time to catch up again... Can you see Erica trying to kiss Rayden... hahaha!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I have slowly accepted that Megan has my small eyes :( but one thing i am proud of is that she dun have my short lashes... in fact her lashes is so long. As is so long for her small eyes, they always irritate her eyes and she tends to rub her eyes. Many says look will change.. i hope her double eyelids appear soon... haha!! she has that when she is born but now... sob sob!! Daddy has really big eyes and i really hope Megan has that too...

Megan & Hins Kor Kor

Megan was very happy yesterday as god mum Patricia brought Hins kor kor to swim together with her. Not only that, god mum brought Megan new cloths again plus toy and shoes.. Hins kor kor is so handsome right :P , he even wanted to carry Megan... heehee!! I believe the kids enjoyed themselves and i hope they come over more often and swim together so Megan will be more social able..

Friday, October 24, 2008

The 60s look of ME & DAVID

I nearly fell off my chair when my ex colleague sent me the above pictures. Is so so funny and i cant stop laughing. I even have tears in my eyes while looking at them. Actually both of us look okay in 60s.. right?? Nowsaday this photo shop fixer really make magic to photos... i quite like the pictures above, just that the first look of them really make me laugh... Am happy though. Thanks Shirlene Lim KUKU...

Broccoli & Potatoes Puree

Tried broccoli puree today, but i added potatoes to it as afraid the taste is too leafy if is all broccoli. Megan seem to like it and keep asking for more. In fact broccoli is good in term of vitamins and am happy Megan enjoyed it.

Broccoli + Potatoes Puree

1. steam the broccoli and potatoes for approx 12mins till soft
2. add 2 table spoon of hot water
3. blend till smooth

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Megan New Cloths

Bought some new cloths for Megan yesterday at a private sales and they are really pretty and cheap. Am happy daddy love them too and ask me to go buy more today. Heehee!! No doubt Megan has lots of clothing but still cant help buying as they are really so pretty and the price is so reasonable compare if i buy them from Kiddy Palaces and department stores. Hope i can find more nicer want later... cant wait for the sales to start at 1pm...

Megan and Ryan

Ryan came over today and wanted to swim together with Megan.. ended up only Megan alone in the pool as it was Ryan first try so wasn't too confident yet. Give Ryan 1-2 more try, he will be able to make it for sure and by then Megan will have a swimming companion. JIA YOU Ryan!! Is so nice of Jane to get Megan a new float, as i think she must have read Megan blog about her " lao hong" mushroom float!! haha!! Megan love the new float as she was busy playing with it and dint even bother to smile at the camera... will try to capture some new pictures one of these days when bring her down to swim again.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Avocado with Rice Cereal

Tried something adventurous on Megan today. I gave her avocado with rice cereal... sound yucky? The colour does look abit yucky but the taste according to her daddy was ok. As breast milk was added in, neither mom nor me dare to try, and Megan's daddy tried them without even hesitating... thumbs up to him. Megan finished the whole thing and seems to enjoyed it. Apparently i thought the avocado will be abit sweet since it was very ripe... hmmmmm i was wrong. Not sweet but smell nice... Is good she love it and dint reject, if not it will go to waste.

Monday, October 13, 2008

6 in 1 Vaccination, Rotavirus & Pnecmococcal (3rd jabs)

Finally today is Megan last jabs on 6 in 1, Rota virus & Pnecmococcal. She weights 7.16kg and 65.5cm now.. She was smiling away when Dr Cheng gave her her 1st needle, but not so lucky for the 2nd needle as she was crying and screaming away. Apparently 2nd needle was more painful compared to the 1st as i heard is like fire ant bites.. poor Megan! Dr Cheng is very happy with Megan progress and was amazed when Megan show her " gong xi gong xi " when we ask her to do so... haha!! Next jabs will be after her 1st birthday... means after 11/04/09... no more heart pain for the time being :) She is abit nei nei after the jabs today, hope she don't develop fever.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Megan 6 Months & Xiao Jiu Jiu Alan's Wedding

Megan is official 6months old yesterday by date and it happened to be Alan's big day. David and myself have a hard time taking care of Megan as mom need to go home on Friday and help Alan out on his wedding. Mom left after she make Megan zzz, David and myself zzz in Megan's room as want her to her own sleeping environment. Who knows, David dint sleep very well as complaining Megan's room too small for him.. haha!! So both of us dint zzz till like 3am. I woke up and make Megan milk and ask David to go back to our room and sleep. After feed, Megan keep tossing so i have to pat pat her all the way.. By the time i actually went into deep sleep, i think is like 5am!!! Guess what? Megan wakes up at 5.30am!!!! As it was Alan's big day that day, we have to reach his house early for the tea ceremony.. reached home by 1pm. David cant take it anymore and took a long nap... left me alone with Megan till he wakes up... and by then, is time to go to the wedding dinner @ Pan Pacific. What a day for David and myself... we really miss mom :p You know, both David and myself have to dress down due to Megan as is hard to dress nice when you have a baby...

I used to enjoy attending wedding dinner as i can catch up with all my cousins and relatives.. chat about anything and everything... but is very difference now as most of us now have babies and kids... as all busy with our own babies and kids and hardly have time to sit down and chat.. But overall, the wedding went really well and i cant wait for 6 Dec as is my cousin wedding day :) very excited and his is church wedding, and till date, i have never attend a church wedding before.

Overall, Megan enjoyed and behaves thru out the whole dinner.. Just that the music and the " yum seng " session as too loud for her.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Puree

Have being giving Megan Pumpkin puree past 3 days and she simply love them. Me myself love the pumpkin as is sweet and smooth. Bought the Japanese pumpkin as daddy want Megan to have better quality stuffs :p is proven Japanese stuffs taste so much better and sweeter.. but that also means price is much higher!! Just a piece like that cost $3.71... My neighbour bought a whole pumpkin that day for only $1.81... see the difference. But as long Megan love them, i am fine as i dun believe in saving on baby food stuff :) So far Megan have tried a numbers of puree and below are a list of her most favorite to least favorite :~

1. Pumpkin ( very sweet and smooth )

2. Potatoes + Carrot ( with carrot, there is some sweetness and taste wonderful )

3. Healthy Time Barley Cereal

4. Heinz Rice Cereal

5. Potatoes

6. Sweet Potatoes ( very sweet and will have wind if eat too much )

7. Carrot ( sweet, have to blend very well before feeding )

8. Avocado

9. Brown Rice

10. Millet ( have to cook for at least 30mins )

11. Pear ( abit sour )

12. Apple ( abit sour )

Megan on Walker

Megan always enjoy her walker time as she will start playing with the features on the walker. Before she just stare at them, now she not only know how to press the horn, she even know how to turn the wheel and press on the music buttons... clever girl. But we have to place a small pillow in front of her, if not she will lean forward and bite the pooh wheel. Sighz... baby at this stage just put whatever on their hands in their mouth.... cant stand it as it will develop rashes around the mouth. This is what happen to Megan... Have to put a nappy cloths in from of her too as she being drooling alot recently, maybe Pearlie going to appear soon. Waiting .......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Potatoes + Carrot Puree

Gave Megan potatoes + carrot puree and she really love it. Maybe cos carrot is a bit sweet that's why it make the puree most tasty. Looking at the pictures, you know Megan is enjoying herself and in fact she finished the whole portion ( 1 potato and 2 baby carrot ). I am glad she love them and now i have to crack my head to think of more puree for her... maybe i will try Pumpkin next week.. :)