Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can you beat this girl of mine?

Does anyone know what Megan was doing?? She took out the pillow from the cover and sort the whole pillow cover on her head. Her head is too big for that and she just force it in and seems very proud when she succeed.. OMG.. who can beat her?? Full of ideas and tricks everyday. Daddy nearly faint and keep laughing while see her in that. Daddy asked " Megan, you want to be a CHEF izzit?? " Faint!!!!! She can even pose at the camera for me... Dunno i should laugh or cry...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Megan New Top from Gmarket

Was so into Gmarket shopping recently and have being doing shopping spree there. Ordered some Polo singlets for Megan and they fit her well. With this weather now, is good to dress her in singlet anyway. Of cos these are not real Polo, but they look nice on my little one. I got them in White, Pink and Yellow... The strawberries PP bottom, we got that from Taiwan and i totally forgot about it till mum brought out this morning. Too many cloths and i really have to start packing again.

Megan latest tricks is to tear down the whole house!!! She likes to open all the cupboards and move everything out from the cupboards. This morning, she even sat inside having her own arty there. Took out Angeline's Kotex piece by piece and threw on the floor out the cupboard. Angeline commented on these and said in the msn " she has more than 80% of her life playing with tat soon " I nearly laughed my head off. This little rascals really full of tricks sometimes!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Waverider floats for M & M

Bought 2 new floats for Megan and Marie and the order came yesterday. The girls were super excited, crowd around me while i am pumping them. Dint manage to catch them in the pool and i have to leave to pick up daddy. But i know all kids are excited about steering wheels.. that is why despite Megan have lots of floats i still go ahead and get them :)

Batam Trip 12-14June'09

Went for a short holiday to Batam last weekends with Ken's family. Trip was short but overall we had an enjoyable trip as was the first family outing. Too bad Alan can't make it, if not will be perfect. Nothing much to do there actually but we did had a great time using the hotel facilities such as pool, sport lounge, kids club and not forgetting their spa... Cost me a bomb but no regrets. Took a cab to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall too and had A&W after so long... heehee! Megan enjoyed most as she has free access to the TV and air-con remotes, telephone, cabinets etc without us screaming at her like home. Cant you imagine how happy she was then... :p Dint took lots of pictures as nothing much for us to capture... above are my 2 favorite pictures that Angeline took... Refer to Angeline blog if you like more pictures of the rest of the trip :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Hobby

Have been really into hair clips recently and these are what i have done so far... There are some other simpler design that i dint upload. Megan dun really like to wear hair clips that much, but i will still make them as i take it as my hobby :) Whoever are interested let me know and i make them for you @ cost :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daddy Lil Darling

Today is the first time i heard daddy calling Megan " DARLING "... He always call her names like Megan & Baby, but today is difference. Heehee... must be her little actions melts daddy heart. She put on this bucket hat herself just now after daddy show her how to do it, and can tell she is happy and proud about it, not forgetting the clap she wanted from us as to show support. Hahaha!! Looking at the pictures, you can tell how happy she is. She is always full of energy when daddy is home from work cos she will start all her funny tricks around the house. Megan really look like big girl now. Will instruct me to call daddy for her when she misses daddy while he is at work. When daddy talk to her on the phone, she will smile at me and i can tell she is happy listening to daddy talking and singing on the phone to her... This daddy girl only listen to daddy, daddy say sleep she sleep. Me and mum here more like her slaves and playmates. *Sighz*

My Lil Slam Dunk

Look at my little slam dunk in action... Hehehe! Bought this new toy for Megan yesterday at Carefour and she seem to enjoy it. Only inconvenience that caused us for this new toy is ~ We have to clap every time she scores... (*.*") I am sure happy she like it but i really have to stop buying toys as the house is flooded with her toys and space getting limited! Daddy... when are we moving??

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Day of FUN @ Jurong Bird Park

Inside the Monorail

At Lory Loft

Pictures wz Parrots and Flamingos

Fun @ Splash N Slide

Daddy took off today and brought us to Jurong Bird Park. Waiting for almost an hour at the restaurant outside the park as Megan was taking her usual morning nap.. After she woke up, fed her cereal before we head in to the Monorail ride around the park. Maybe due to school holidays, the park were packed with students on excursion and also tourists! We queued for a 25mins before we got on the monorail.... We visited selected stations as we reckon those are some Megan might be interested in. Like ~ Penguin Expedition, Lory Loft, Parrot Paradise. But sad to say Megan enjoyed most at the Splash N Slide.... She will never say NO to water and she enjoyed so much. Dint brought along her swim gear, so just took off all her cloths and left her diapers on. As the weather was pretty humid today, we are no so worried about her being cold. In fact was a good way to cool down as she was sweaty and sticky due to the heat. But this cant compare to the Kidz World at the Zoo i guess, daddy promise will take off again to bring Megan to the Zoo... I am sure Megan will definitely enjoy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Megan's BEACH Chair

Last Sunday, went picnic with Ken and his family and we had a good time as was breezy. We even pint a tent near the beach for the kids to enjoy. Megan took an hour nap in there too... Just went Giant Supermarket with mum and saw this red beach chair. Bought it instantly as i thought will be nice to bring along for the next picnic session. Also have been walking out to the balcony and looking at people swimming, i thought can place that in the balcony for her to sit and enjoy the view. Is foldable so is good as it dun take up lots of space.