Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Handmade Hairclips for my lil princess

Tried to hand made some hair clips for Megan and were very happy with the products.. hehehe!! Going to put them on her and if anyone ask about the clips, I will proudly say i MADE it for her... hahaha!! Had thought about doing this as a business but daddy wasn't too pleased with my idea... so still pending. Friends... if you are interested, do let me know :p

Monday, April 27, 2009

New POOH storage box & swimwear

Overall Swim Wear : Daddy bought Megan this overall swim wear last Friday as till date he still upset about those 2 swim wears i bought for Megan.. Why??? Cos to him they were too exposes and he hates Megan wearing those. Faint? Yes i already fainting... hahaha!! So last Friday while daddy was on leave, we went to Heartland mall and got Megan this new swim wear.. look nice on her actually. At least will keep her warm if the water is cold... good buy :)
Pooh Storage box : Saw this storage box @ Tampines 1 today and decided to get it for Megan as her toys getting more and more. I like it as it was mould in the shape of Pooh face but too bad it dosen come with Minnie design. Only Pooh and Princess design... Do you know what Megan did with the box when she sees it?? She lift up the lid and sat inside the box... hahaha!! Dint want to come out and daddy started placing all the soft toys inside and let her play. Am glad she like it and will still go ahead and get the Little Tikes kitchen cabinet for her as daddy still think is necessary :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What happen to my lil Princess??

Megan was down with high fever since Tuesday. Temperature were between 38 - 38.6 degrees, it really worries me as till Saturday, the fever was still there... After Rayden's party, she cried on the car ride back for almost 40mins non stop and this had never happened to Megan before. It really upset me very much as i really dunno whats wrong with her. Once home and while changing her, mum and myself realised her tummy was covered with red spots. Mum thoughts was due to food allergy but i cut that out as no new food intro to her these few days.. next came to my mind was FAKE MEASLES!! This morning, it spread to her face and neck too.. Will bring her to PD tomorrow first thing in the morning. Her food and milk intakes drop more than half and is really upsetting. She cry alot these 2days which never happened before and very sticky to me. If i just walk away from her, she will start crying non stop for at least a good 15mins... SIGHZ... Baby... please recover soon.

Getting ready to attend RAYDEN didi 1st Bday

Aunty Doris and Aunty Lynn bought me this dress for my 1st Birthday and i am wearing this to Rayden's 1st birthday... heehee!! Everyone says i look so pretty in this dress and Mummy keep kissing on my cheek when i wears this dress... I must be the most pretty princess in mummy and daddy eyes :p My fringes growing longer and mummy always love to put a clip on me.. but at times i give her a hard time as i turn away and make fuss while mummy is trying to put the clip on me.. notti me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Megan look CHANGED??

This 2 pictures was taken over the weekends and i feel Megan look changed! Do you guys think so? Even daddy feel so and was talking about it last night and when i showed him these pictures, he totally agreed with me. One thing for sure she look more girly & demure now compare to before, people tend to ask if she is a boy or girl... heehee!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My very Own Kitchen Set

Daddy bought Megan her very own kitchen set this evening from Kaki Bukit. I knew it might be too early to get her this but as now Megan already know how to stand with support, we decided to get it for her now. She was very happy and started playing with it soon after daddy finished fixing. She even showed us how she drink from the cup and store them back into the cabinets attached. Megan is indeed a fast learner and she does make me feel really proud of her sometimes :) During my childhood days, i always wanted a kitchen set as i love to play cooking... Am happy daddy got that for her as me myself will love to play together with my little princess. Thank you daddy for this and hope Megan will be more girly since this is a girl toy... hahaha!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Megan's walking at Taipei Airport

We went to Taipei 101 on Megan's birthday and drop by at Toysrus... Saw this Minnie shopping cart and Megan straight away fell in love with it. Dun even allow us to put back in the rack and she just wanted to hand held it herself.... can you imagine that!! Even had a hard time at the cashier as she just didn't want to let go of it. Angeline paid and gave her as a birthday present and we have to hand carry that all the way from Taiwan back to Singapore.... Guess anyone whom are at Taipei airport were sure to notice Megan as she walked around the airport pushing the cart!! Hahaha!!

Taipei trip 07-12April 09

We planned this Taiwan trip in January cos of the SQ promotion and only manage to go in April as we thought will be nice to celebrate Megan 1st birthday there... Overall the trip was great and all of us had a great time. In term of FOOD, SHOPPING, SIGHTSEEING, all are fulfilled and surprising Megan enjoyed herself very much. She caught a cold during the last 2days of the trip but overall she had a pretty good time there... I dint really blog about the food here as my sister did a beta job in that.. so visit her blog if you want to know what have we been eating... heehee! These her blog address : ~

Flight departed at Terminal 3 and the airport was huge... but i feel maybe due to recession, and also maybe cos is a weekdays... no much crowd. We manage to do some shopping in there and overall rated best airport for me :)

At 淡水 and the weather was wet and chilling that day. Guess you can tell from our dressing.. Dint really eat much there as were there early so most stalls are still closed. Pictures taken from MacDonald's and the view was really good isn't it ....

Some of the pictures taken from sightseeing places.. Mom prefer sightseeing than shopping so some of the days we cater more for her. We booked a private transfer for 1 full day just to go Yilan and Yeliu. Long journey but lots of nice pictures taken and i believe mom had a good time as something difference from her previous trip.

First time to Taipei 101 and was really impression with the observation tower that we visited. Dint manage to go up my last trip and made it this time and on Megan 1st birthday. Very meaningful for all of us and especially Megan. David bought a jade/gold pendant for Megan there and the cert stated the date of purchase 11/04/09... cool isn't it! David promised Megan that he will bring her for holiday during her birthday every year and buy something special for her... heehee!! Expensive promises....

Celebrate Megan actual 1st birthday in the Hotel with a small cake as most places dun allow us to light a candle, so have to do it in the hotel room. She was so happy when we sang her birthday songs.. think we sang 3 times to her just to capture nice pictures of her. While singing, she smile and seems so happy :) My darling is officially a toddler :)

Home sweet home... away for 6days and in fact misses home. Guess Megan misses most as i can tell she misses her toys at home. Hahaha!! She wasn't feeling very well as she caught a cough and flu due to the weather change. She even threw up on me on board the flight back... can you imagine!!! Overall it was a wonderful trip and more trip to come with Megan!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Finally have time to upload the pictures of guests that attended Megan's birthday bash. For those that we dint manage to take a photo, i am sincerely sorry. My sister has tried her best to capture all your family pictures but she might also missed out some. I cant scream at her as she was not paid to help me... hahaha!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1st Birthday Bash for Princess Megan

Megan Birthday Bash was a big success as all enjoyed themselves and finished all the food.. hehehe!! I am so tired running around entertaining all my friends and hope i play a good host. Thanks Angeline for helping me out with the printing of photos.. Megan woke up at 6am and dint nap at all till the party ended. She was so so cranky and dint really smile much. Is a pity that not much pictures of the party were captured as all were busy... Should have get someone to do it on our behalf.. sighz!! Overall the party turned out really well and i am happy i make this day a special day. Megan actual birthday is on the 11/04 and we will be in Taiwan celebrating with her :) Looking forward and can't wait for Tue to come :)
OH... forgot to THANKS Aunty Elyn for the Minnie Agar Agar cake... I love it!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Lappy Fujitsu L1010

My new lappy had finally arrived!! Is in HOT pink and i really like it... Thanks my brother Ken for getting sure a good deal for me. Only issue is... is using Windows Vista and i am abit handicap with it, will take time to figure out more when i am back from Taiwan. New Lappy is here and that means i have to start to get busy on business... so much stuffs to do.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HOT babes

Marie came over today and was left with Megan and mum as mummies need to go shopping!! Heehee!! She is a good girl and dint cry for mummy and in fact enjoyed herself with Megan. When we are back from shopping, Marie taking a nap comfortably at the swing... good girl. After her nap, we bought the girls down for a swim and both of them enjoyed so much. Make mummies happy seeing both darlings having a good time. Before even going to the pool, Megan wee wee on her swimsuit.. faint!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Megan's Drawing

Megan start to draw on the magnetic board when told to do so by Po Po... She getting smarter and smarter as she love to monkey see monkey do... heehee!! When daddy came back from work yesterday, she proudly drew in front of him and showed it to him and want daddy to clap for her... hahaha!! She love us to praise her and will make her day when we does that... hahaha!! She being very active recently as love to climb up and down the sofa. Just had a bad fall from sofa yesterday night and lucky the bumper mat save her. It bring down the impact when she falls on the bumper mat... thank god! Now every second we have to be with her as she is too fast in whatever she doing now... scary!!

Standard Chartered Family Day @ Sentosa

Standard Chartered Bank having their family day last Saturday at Sentosa and daddy was one of the committee so we went over to give our support to daddy. Was a really hot Saturday afternoon but we had a good time at the beach. Was Megan first picnic and she seems to really enjoyed it as the whole time she just played within the picnic mat and didn't fuss around at all... Guess she love the outdoor picnic and will try to do that more often when we have time. The best part was Megan move her body along with the music and next moment she start dancing and waving her hands. Angeline caught that on video and was totally hilarious. This little princess really know how to make our day happy :)