Friday, April 29, 2011

Megan 1st day of school @ Bethesda Katong Church

We did a switched in Megan's school and put her in Bethesda Katong Church starting year 2011. Apparently it is one of the best pre school in the East after St Hilda.. She did cried for 1week at the new environment but after that all are good and she is enjoying school now. She is more vocal and more disciplines after attending church school and we really like it. Rayden and Megan are in the same class and both are best friends.. They have another best friend called Jessica and till date i dun hv a chance to capture a picture of them. Will get it done one of these days :)

Universal Studio Singapore

My best friend just reminded me that i have not been updating my blog for 4months.. haha!! So i think is time to get started. Had a family outing to UUS and honestly it wasn't really what i have expected. The park itself is pretty small and just half a day, you should be able to complete most of the rides. The weather in Singapore is not helping as was too humid and with limited shades, we might get dehydrated :p