Thursday, July 31, 2008

Megan always give me her greatest smile when she wakes up in the morning. This is taken this morning when i greet her " Good Morning " . The best time to take picture of her is morning.. haha!! She is such a sweetie.. love her so much and really can't take my eyes off her.

Recently, mom have being trying to train Megan to hold her milk bottle, but till date is still unsuccessful. Will cont' trying as she always get distracted by little things around her while she is drinking. Coming 16weeks tomorrow and she is drinking between 110ml - 125ml. Sometimes she can take more than 30mins to finish her milk depends on her mood. Notti girl!

Always place her on her play mat with her play gym when she is in her good mood. If she is sleepy, she will be cranky and don't seems to be interested in anything around her. She is so fascinated with the toys and ignore me taking picture of her... She can grab the ring herself without our help now... very impress by her :) Sorry about her over-sized pampers as I run out of size S so have to give her size M ... heehee!!

These 2 days, she have being trying to lift her head up high when she wake up from either nap or sleep. Still not very firm but give her another 1 week, i think she can make it. Can't wait till then as i can bring her for swimming once her neck is firm. Looking forward.... Jia you baby... *oops* sorry about her topless daddy at the background, as he is too engross with his emails and dint even move when i told him that i am taking picture for Megan ... Sighzz

Saturday, July 26, 2008

~ Daddy & LITTLE me ~

Managed to snap a few pictures this morning before we left for house viewing. Wanted to leave her with mom initially but later daddy decided to bring her along. Can't resist as she is so smiley this morning. The romper she is wearing look abit tight for her, guess in another week or 2, she won't be able to fit in anymore as is non-stretchable. Love this romper alot as the front Say's " Little Girl " , very special right? cos of the colour difference lettering, is pretty unique. Daddy's colleagues commented yesterday that Megan has high forehead and i notice from this picture above as is indeed high... heehee! This is not like mummy as mine is not high at all :(

Before i have Megan, i find some parents are really KS about their kids... Now, my thinking is totally changed. I am KS now too after having her. Today we were viewing this cluster house from Serangoon Gardens and i strike off from my list cos is not within 2KM from Paya Lebar Meth School. David hope to put Megan there and hopefully if we stayed within 2KM, we can qualify for the phrase 2B balloting. Too bad.. is not. Worst to worst Megan still can go to Tao Nan School, only that is a mixed school and not girls school... heehee! When yo have a girl, guess you just wish she is well "protected" and stay away from guys at least till secondary school.. haha!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

colour me

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Megan & Mommy

Angeline took these picture for me and I really like them very much no doubt i look abit round :p In fact Megan was very sleepy then and yet we managed to capture some nice pictures of her. After finished taking the shoot, she started to make noise and mum quickly washed her up and dressed her in her night wear. Off she is in her sweet land after that. Megan sleeping routine are quite predictable now as she sleeps between 7.30-8.30pm and wakes up 6hrs later for feed and then will sleep thru till morning around 7.00-8.00am. When i think back those days that she doesn't want to sleep and wanted to be carry all the time, now is so much better. Like most says, every stage is difference...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brought Megan to see PD this morning as realise there are some white dots on her gums... Turn out to be saliva ducts that got stuck and that is why these some white dots thingy is form. Not serious so no medication given... but PD still have to charge consultation fee and daddy $50 flies away :p Trying to put on the hat that she has them during her birth.. GOD!! is so tight now.. see how must she has grow. She weights 6.2kg and her height now is 61cm as per 14weeks.. Dr Cheng commented that she is growing well and NOT overweight. Good girl!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pumkin Patch Sun Hat for Megan

Been wanting to get a sun hat for Megan as i find is more easy compare to carrying an umbrella... Daddy dint really like the idea cos he thinks look so TCL ( Teong Kok Lang) ... heehee!! But i still go ahead and get one as i am the want bringing her out more often during the day :p I like it as is reversible and the colours are really sweet... Like my little darling. Her face look abit patchy as i applied cream on her just before i took these pictures. She look happy isn't she... I am very happy with my purchases.

~ Special Touch ~

Time flies as Megan is 3months old already. Still remember when we bought her back home, she is so tiny like a little kitten weighing 2.2kg and now ~~~ ta ta.... she weights 6kg. She can grab so tight now and dint want to let go sometimes while i am playing with her. You all will be surprise to hear this " Megan know how to clap on my hand when i raise my hand and say ' clap clap '..." You have to see to believe and she even perform that on David and we are both so impress by her. I spent most time playing with her on my lap and teaches her bit by bit... will update on her new tricks again as i am trying to teach her to shake my hand.. :P

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hi-Tea with God Mom Patricia & Hins @ Chatterbox

Being so long seen we last catch up... Miss those weekends that we spent together shopping, hi-tea, movie etc... Sistha, we shall make this kind of outing more often okay :) but am sure will be more stressful bringing kids with us now.. heehee!! Megan seems to be very curious with Hins, must be attracted by Hins's handsome look .. haha!! He is such a cutie and my dear sistha keep his hair long and make him look so much like a girl lor, cant stand his lashes as they are so loooooong... too bad he is a boy, if not will save so much on mascara :p

Today is the furthest that i had brought Megan without her daddy... Bought her to Chatterbox for high-tea and she behave very well today. Mummy is so proud my my little darling. She lies quietly in her stroller and playing with herself. At times she will turn and look at me giving me her greatest smiles :) Still though she dun like her stroller anymore as at one time, she cries so much when we put her in there and then after we have being using baby carrier. Will bring her out more often as i start to feel more and more confident bring her out... Love you baby..

Megan and Daddy

These pictures were taken this morning. Finally Megan seem more happy today with daddy as Grand mom is back!! Mom went back on Friday and David was left alone with Megan as i drive mom back, guess what!!! Megan cried for 1hour!!! David was so stress and called me while i was driving back, i tried to coax her when i am back but she still cried seeing me. Think she misses mum and start to recognise mom le :( Baby always recognise their caregiver i think if not why when mum is not around, she is more cranky than ever.. sighzzzz

Looking at these pictures make me happy :) Megan look more and more like David.. Maybe from picture still not so clear, if you see her in person, she really does look like daddy lor.. How i wish her eyes are like daddy :p Shall see as babies look keep changing as they grow.


Went concert with Patricia and my sister yesterday as we managed to get cheap tickets to watch Gary Cao Ge! Was really cool and really love some of the songs that sang by him especially " Bei Pang " ... Quite a funny guy and at times feel he is a bit gay gay ley... heehee (Gary fans dun kill me) But i still think Jay concert is the BEST! Maybe i know more of Jay's songs bah...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Megan & Friends

Baby is so unpredictable at times. A while there are happy, next moment they can scream their lungs out! Guess all these are difference stages that we have to go thru. I admit it can be really tiring but i am happy i have my mom around to help me out. If not i think i will go " crazy " .. The stage Megan is in now can be quite difference from weeks ago.. as now she wants more attention, cry louder, want to be carry upright and even drink & sleep lesser now. she dint even want to zzz at her favorite tummy down position at times *headache*

Mom discover that she like her musical duck soft toy recently... only with that, we can manage to stop her cry for a while. She is behaving really like princess!!! God!!