Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Picking Daddy from Airport

First i have to apologize that Megan was in this outfit again!!!!!! Whenever we tell Megan we bringing her out, she will pull out this outfit and insist we put them on for her and no others.. Faint!!! Guess i have to get few more sets with the same design but difference colours. Daddy went KL this morning and was back this evening. Bought Megan to the airport to pick him up and i went early as wanted to bring her to the playground. So happened T3 having this big castle and playground set up at the departure hall.. so there she was enjoying herself. Now parking rates at airport during weekends and PH are $2.50 for 3hrs.. can you imagine??? Guess that's the only way to bring in crowds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An afternoon @ Orchard Road

Decided to bring Mum and Megan to Orchard Road and enjoy the pre Christmas atmosphere... Was so crowded and we dint wait for the lighting and left early. Megan enjoyed herself running around and stopped at Takashimaya for the children dance show. She was dancing along wz the other kids.. Bought her a Hi 5 haversack as she is so madly in love with Hi 5 recently. Screamed when saw the bag and keep pointing at the casts on the bag. Hehehe!!! Hi 5 performing live @ Takashimaya in December... will get daddy to take leave and bring her there. She will love it, i am sure.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look cheeky???

Does Megan look cheeky in this picture? Angeline say she look like Liang Po Po in this picture.. hahaha!! Mum kept this pair of sunglasses away from her for a while cos she feels Megan dun seems to take good care of her stuffs... Come on... She is just a toddler! So i decided to pass it to her and she was so happy. I am sure you can tell from this picture...

Megan self feed herself a BANANA

Time really flies as Megan already 19months+ old. She want to do everything herself now and throw temper when we dun allow her to do so. Ever since we are back from Melbourne, she has been eating her meal herself but let me tell you, is really MESSY. Above are some shot i taken while she eating a banana by herself without our help. She even threw the banana skin in the dustin herself when she finishes. OMG... my little girl seems like big girl now. Tell you she get so jealous when she sees i kissing daddy. She will scream asking me to stop and rush to daddy and kiss him on his lips. She simply dun allow me to kiss daddy.... My value drop to the minimum instantly!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Novemeber Birthdays

Had a birthday celebration dinner last Saturday at one of the restaurant at Ah Moy Street... Dad, mum, David and mine birthday happened to fall in November. We were all busy eating and dint reali snap any picture of the food. Hehehe!! Angeline manage to snap 2 nice pictures of us and will like to share with all my friends here. This was the first time i tied Megan hair and she look really good in it... You agree?? More girly and look better compare to her tu tu fringe. Hehehe!! Alan warned me not to cut her fringe like Dora again!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

SQ A380 to Melbourne

First time trying SQ A380 as hear so much about it... but after taking i feel they are normal and nothing really much to expect. Just they are bigger and slightly more spacious. In fact they are always full so if you hope to have empty seats around you ... hmmmmm dream on!! Hahaha!! Moreover i feel the service standard of SQ drop.. not trying to be a typical Singaporean but is really true. Travelling with kids on flights are no joke and the stewardess can asked us not to stack up the trays as cant goes in to their trolley. Are they suppose to be more compassionate to people travelling with kids?? Who like to stack up trays? With kids we have no choice! Daddy finally says he will not insist on SQ anymore... haha!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Melbourne Trip ~ Nov 2009 Part 2

So many pictures to load and are taking forever.... I had load most in my facebook account and feel free to go in there and have a look. For friends whom dun have my facebook account, just add me ~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Melbourne Trip ~ Nov 2009

Home Sweet Home... We are back from Melbourne. 10Days trip was abit long i should say but overall we had a good time with self drive, fruit orchards stays, Indian ocean view resort etc etc... I am disappointed with the food though but these are never new to people who had travel to OZ before... Feel the should use salt sparring. Everything are just so salty!!! Maybe most of us dint know that the food prices in OZ had a massive increased of as high as 400%... can you believe it!!!! Plus the high exchange rates.. guess things are not really cheap afterall. We had plenty of wine though as average each bottle cost AU$5.00 only. Hahaha!! cheaper then soft drinks... Megan is the only one that enjoyed the most unlike us... Adults had too much to worry about - anxiety & apprehension over driving routes, where to go etc. Will upload more pictures when i sort everything out. Stay tune!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Megan Monkey Top

Started packing this evening for coming Tuesday Melbourne trip... Left the big luggage in the study room as we know if we left it in the living room, Megan will sure mess up. Who knows while i was in the study room playing with my Facebook game, she sneak in and start going thru the cloths we packed 1 by 1. She pull out this new monkey long sleeves that i bought from Gmarket and insist i put it on for her.. arghhhhh!!! So there she is with it watching her favorite DVD in the room with me. Her eyes look puffy with her cry as i dint want to put that on for her. She been crying so much recently... Hope her cough and flu will be gone by Tuesday.

Happy Birthday

Was at Ken's place for dinner last night and my siblings gave me a present surprise. They bought me a birthday cake as on the actual day i am not in Singapore. I was touch and happy at the same time. When asked Megan to help me blow the candle, she actually did.. but with lots of saliva droplets on the cake. Hahaha!! I had a good laugh when i heard this :~

" Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mummy, Sister, Aunty..., Happy Birthday to you "