Sunday, August 31, 2008

Megan enjoying her " Drumstick "

Spot Megan playing with herself this morning after she wakes up. Her favorite past time is to eat her " drumstick " (fist) hahaha!! Can even smile while eating them.. Daddy was feeling unwell over the weekend so dint bring her out to Botanic Garden. Will do that this weekend if daddy feel better. Mum and me brought her to Kallang Leisure Park and she enjoyed herself in the stroller... Will bring the stroller more often as she getting heavier to be carried on the carrier.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Megan can hold her bottle

This evening, mom and David went to see TCM. Megan is left with me alone to take care.. and guess what happened? She cried for 1hour after mom left!! 1hour!! can you imagine... I am so upset as she really cry her lung out and you can see big tear drops. She even cough out some phlegm from the crying :( I am so sad to see her like that. I tried all my best to coax her, she just won't stop crying. I had no choice but to walk to the TCM and look for mom. The moment she saw mum, she cried ( the kind cry is like blaming mom that she was left at home without her ).. once mom carry her, she stop crying and even finished the milk that i bought there. Can you imagine!! She is just a 4 months old baby. I spend the some amount of time with her too but guess caregiver is the greatest. Luckily is my mom, if not i will be so sad that she want someone else rather than me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Notti Megan

Read from the Motherhood forum not long ago about babies rejecting bottles. I tell myself back then that i am lucky as i dun have this problem with Megan. Guess what! I realise these 2 days, she seems to reject bottle also. Start crying the moment we place the handkerchief under her neck as she know we are going to feed her. And is CRYING non-stop and with tears!!! Have to talk and coax her and act like clown in front of her in order for her to stop crying and drinks her milk.. Sighz! Just this evening, i have to use her favorite Minnie Mouse to coax her then she is willing to drinks her milk. Hope she pass this stage soon as it can be quite stressful as she is drinking lesser than before, from 125ml to 90-100ml. Megan Megan.. please be a good girl and drink your milk... the more you drink the faster we can start you on semi-solid food! g forward to that.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cousin Kyan & Kydric wz Megan

The cousins came over for dinner and these shots are really priceless!! As you know is not easy to get kids taking pictures together and you must be really fast doing that before anyone start to get cranky. By the look at Megan, you know she crying after a few shots.. Haha!! Megan is starting to recognise people and she will start crying when she sees unfamiliar faces. Will take her a while to get use to new faces and allows them to carry. Even when we brought her to my aunty place last week, she start crying non-stop as the place look unfamiliar to her... Only mom can coax her and she will only stop crying when mom carry her.. Babies nowsaday are really hard to please!

Excursion to HortPark

Was a cloudy morning and we thought might be a good weather to go to HortPark for a walk as we have not being there before. Angeline said it was a wonderful place and we decided to bring Megan there as Sunday morning is usually her excursion day :) We really enjoyed ourself very much but we only managed to complete half the garden. The weather start to get hotter and we are in fact not well prepared for the walk. No umbrella, no towels, no walking shoes, as you look at the above pictures, you will know what i mean. We definitely visit HortPark again as i was so fascinated by the " Herbs & Spices Garden " & " Fruit Tree & Fruited Vegetable Gardens " The next time when i am there, i will make sure i am well prepared and complete the walk. Overall Megan enjoyed the walk there and she seems so comfortable in her carrier :p

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Chair & Minnie Mouse

We went to Kiddy Palace and get Megan a high Chair on Monday. We starting her on semi-solid in another 2months time so thought is better to get a high chair for her. After fixing, we are suprise Megan actually sits really well in the high chair and we are so thrill. Mom and myself dun have to take turns to eat lunch now as she can sits with us and see us have lunch. Guess how much this high chair costed? $279.00 sinful dollor! Haha.. David insit to t this as this can be converted to a table and chair later on when she grow up. Is a good buy if you considering using it till she is 5yrs old. Good buy in fact. David also get Megan a Minnie Mouse as he heard from me that Megan cant take her eyes of cousin Kyan Mickey mouse toy when he is here over the weekend for dinner. And you know kid dont share their toys... so poor Megan keep looking at Kyan's Mickey and even try to reach out to it! She looks happy when we pass r the Minnie and you know what is her first reaction? Hug Minnie and next moment, put Minnie in her mouth!!! Aiyoh... Minnie now with her saliva, but she seem to enjoy >-<

Babies Gathering

Bought Megan to Elyn's new house and Efon and Baby Alphonsus came along too.. We had a really great day at her places and we were really tired while driving back. Look at the 3 babies in bean bags, isn't they adorable?? HAHA!! i love those beans bags but too bad my place can accommodate them! Will sure get David to buy when we move to a bigger place. Realise you dint see Megan in the pool... Sighz.. She was so freak out, the moment we place her in the pool she start yelling and cry. Mom and myself have to pacific her so she can stop crying. First try to the pool FAILED!! will try again next time and will warm her up before i place her in.

Alphonsus love the pool so much and he just cant get his attention off those colourful balls!! I am really very Happy he enjoyed himself. As for Farelle, she is a season swimmer and she just take her own sweet time in the pool.. Looking at the picture of Farrell, you know what i mean. Her look is priceless :p

Oops forgot to mention Megan new romper... I love it so much cos i love loud colours. Aunty Esther got them from Shanghai specially for her.. Thanks!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Out to World Farm

Every Sunday we always make it a point to bring Megan out as weekends are they only time Daddy can spend quality time with her. Daddy is always busy to work and emails on weekdays and i do feel Megan is neglected by daddy. Today, we brought her to World Farm. No doubt the journey there is a bit far but overall we did enjoy the trip there. The weather today is really humid and that is why Megan look so moody in her carrier.. hee! She is with daddy thru out and cos of her, daddy even carry umbrella.. haha!! She is quite excited when come to bright colours flowers and i do hope she have green thumb like me :)

Below is a video of her on the car ride back home and she is so talkative!!! This is also the first time i upload video in my blog... Hope you all enjoy!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Megan new ZARA baby dress & Wall Decals

Megan's Godmother bought her this Zara dress during her baby shower and finally she can wear it now... She look so pretty and demure isn't she.. Want to keep this dress and wear them on Alan's wedding but dun think Megan can fit in them then. Went thru her wardrobe and realise there also a few cloths that she have to start wearing. Babies really out grow so fast and by the time you realise, some of the cloths you didn't even touch before.. hahaha!! Now i know why David always buy bigger sizes cloths for Megan :p

Went Central this afternoon for lunch @ Tung Lok and we walk pass this shop selling Pooh series wall decals. I really love them and David thinks we should just get both of the designs. After reaching home and settle down Megan, David and myself have a good time sticking them on Megan's room wall... Now Megan's room look more like baby room. Very happy with the new look and thanks to Angeline as she paid for those decals.. heehee!! Then after when David bought Megan to the room, she was so fascinated and keep staring blur at the colourful decals.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Megan Neck getting stronger

This morning, mum call out for me to take pictures for Megan she she says her neck getting stronger. Will be nice to capture some nice pictures. But babies always like that ~ when they dun see your camera, they are smiling away.. but when they see you with camera.. they FROWN!! sighz... This is what happen to Megan. That is why i always ask Angeline to take picture for her as she always manage to get some nice pictures of her smiling away.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Megan is sick

Megan is having running nose and cough since last Friday as i may have passed to her. I already restrict myself to kiss her and carry her but she still got the bugs from me :( Kinder Clinic are closed on 09/08 due to National Day Holiday, i have to bring her to GP instead. She was given Chlormine for running nose and Promethazine for cough, after feeding her she zzz for quite a while as the medication really make her sleepy. After feeding her those medicines, i sms Uncle Alan to check on those medications... GUESS WHAT.. He ask me to stop giving Megan Promethazine as is not advisable for children below 1 year old!!! I almost freak out and start blaming myself for feeding Megan without consulting her uncle.. *sob sob* According to Alan, usually mild running nose and cough will go off by themselves, worst to worst just give them some nose drop. Lesson learn... For babies, is still wiser to bring them to PD as they are more experts on babies rather than GP.. the medications they have in their clinics are very general unlike PD..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Little Megan

You can't believe how smart babies are now... The above pictures are taken while i am adjusting Megan's carrier. She knew i am bringing her out and she got really excited every time i put the carrier on. If i dun carry her after a while, she will start making noise. If i ignore her after she make noise, then she will start crying. Haha!! observe a few times and every time she is like that. Mum was just telling me this afternoon, saying Megan starting to laugh and shout from the throat. I miss that as i was taking my nap... Dint really play with her these 2days as i was down with FLU, dint want to pass to her... Once i recover, first thing i want to do is give her a BIG kiss...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures taken by Yee Yee

Angeline came and stay over on Saturday and she usually sleeps with Mom and Megan.. She manage to snaps some picture of Megan in the morning while mom was feeding her and she is really a happy little baby... by looking at the pictures, you will know what i meant. I realise Megan hairs have grow longer and no longer so bald on the front top, but she still have a bit of cradle cap not clear. Read from the motherhood forum that there is a shampoo that sells @ the pharmacy and is quite effective, will go have a look tomorrow.
I am trying to put Megan in the pool soon.. Will keep all posted once i have done so :) stay tune!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brought Megan to United Square today and daddy bought her toys again... She already have these ring links but daddy still insist of buying... WHY?? is because they come in sweet pastel colours and daddy just love them. They are really nice and i love the colours too... very sweet and i am going to link them to the stroller as Megan is starting to grab on things she sees. Going Hyatt Hotel for Hi-Tea tomorrow and hope these will keep her entertain :)

Playhouse Disney

Since Daddy asked me to subscribe to Starhub on their Cartoon Channels, every morning i will let Megan sit in front of the TV and let her watch 30mins of Playhouse Disney. She seems to enjoy but usually her patience will run out after 30mins.. Her favorite are Barney, Hi-5 & Tom and Jerry :) I know some mothers dun encourage their babies to watch TV but i really think is OK so is up to individual, no right or wrong.