Friday, April 29, 2011

Megan 1st day of school @ Bethesda Katong Church

We did a switched in Megan's school and put her in Bethesda Katong Church starting year 2011. Apparently it is one of the best pre school in the East after St Hilda.. She did cried for 1week at the new environment but after that all are good and she is enjoying school now. She is more vocal and more disciplines after attending church school and we really like it. Rayden and Megan are in the same class and both are best friends.. They have another best friend called Jessica and till date i dun hv a chance to capture a picture of them. Will get it done one of these days :)

Universal Studio Singapore

My best friend just reminded me that i have not been updating my blog for 4months.. haha!! So i think is time to get started. Had a family outing to UUS and honestly it wasn't really what i have expected. The park itself is pretty small and just half a day, you should be able to complete most of the rides. The weather in Singapore is not helping as was too humid and with limited shades, we might get dehydrated :p

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Monring ride @ ECP

Since Megan is on 1month break from school, we thought it might be good to bring her out once a while. Staying home for too long make her cranky and notti i suppose :p Finally today she cycle by herself without our help. I admit this bicycle of hers is not easy to handle but at least she try and she make it this time. She has grow taller and is able to paddle more smoothly unlike before. Daddy might get her a proper bicycle for Christmas but complaint we don't really have nice design here. He still prefer the one he saw in Bangkok with Hello Kitty design. Keeping my finger crossed in case daddy says to go Bangkok and get that ..... (<.>")

Diego "live" @ United Square

Another Christmas special show ... " Diego and the Iguana Sing Along " @ United Square. Brought Megan there and she had a great time watching the performance. She wasn't really comfortable taking pictures with Diego but with the company of daddy, she was more relax then. We still prefer Dora performance but dint have a chance to catch it again wz the photo taking session. Is really a pity. Hopefully next year the have the same thing again and we can bring Megan again to watch :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Megan wz Hi5 casts

Bought Megan to Marina Square for the Hi5 show this evening. We were there around 5.20pm and started queueing for the 7pm show as 1st 50 will have a chance to take pictures with the casts. Daddy have never been so on about this kind of events, but for Megan he went all in. As he kn0w how Megan enjoyed herself during the Dora show just 2 days before Hi5, he was so determine to get a space for Megan. Dream came true for Megan as she always wanted Casey to carry her and her wish was granted :) In fact Tim and Stevie asked daddy if they could carry Megan and keep commenting Megan is so cute.. But our dear Megan still want Casey.. haha!! Met Tamlyn, Megan's classmate too. Spot her in the crowd and brought her in together wz Megan. They both were dancing and singing together wz the casts. That moment were priceless. Kids enjoyed this kind of events, but we adults are totally tired out.. More to come as going to bring her for Toy Story 3 tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Megan love all the characters in Toy Story 3 and got really excited when seeing them @ Parkway today. Looking at the pictures, you can tell how amused she is. They have a show with Woody and Buzz but timing wasn't good for us as it crashes wz her school. Will bring her back next month when she has no school... Have plan to bring her for Hi5 and Dora with Adnes.. Hope she will enjoy with Morgan them :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Zealand Nov/2010

Have not been updating my blog for a while as was busy with lots of stuffs.. Finally have time to do some updating after our annual trip. Had an enjoyable and wonderful 14days holiday in NZ south island recently. Celebrated my, daddy and mum birthdays there and NZ is indeed the best place i visited so far and is a great place for self drive. Took nearly 300 pictures and clocked 2800km for 12days driving. Megan have a good time there and she truly enjoyed this holiday. Will plan for another north island drive 2yrs later as i will love to go either US or UK next year..