Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Megan taking her own medications

It used to be a nightmare feeding Megan medication as she will cry and scream then start choking... But recently she seems to understand when sick, have to take medications in order to recover. When come to feeding time, she will sit beside po po and we just have to pass her the syringe.. She will stuck the medication out and sometimes ask for more... hahaha!! She really like a grown up now and she is such a darling to us. At times she really give us headache cos she is so stubborn... but she is still my precious little darling :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Megan in her 1st school uniform

Signed Megan up at Zoophonic 2 x a week and uniforms are compulsory. As most knew she is very small built, she has to wear XXS... but she still look like a big girl in this uniforms. Really hope Megan will learn to be independent and like the class eventually as she still cling to me like koala whenever music are played in class. I really dun understand why.. maybe she just simply afraid of loud music cos she keep telling me scare when the music were played. Sighzzz... When daddy asked Megan if she wants to go to school, she waved her hand and say " NO " Hope she will get use to going to school after a few lessons.