Sunday, May 30, 2010

Megan & her 2 favorite Cousins

Saw this Pokemon Shooting at Isetan today and were on really cheap discount, so decided to get it for the boys and Megan so they can play together today. 3 for $10... can you believe it?? Luckily Kenneth was around to help fix up the shooting or else will be Ken's job... hehehe!! They really enjoy playing and $10 well spent! Without me even teaching Megan how these shooting work, she already playing happily herself. Finally today Megan was not outcast by the boys... haha!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Megan's New Bed

Finally Megan owns a bed... We feels is time for her to zzz on her own bed and this was what daddy got for her. A red sport car?? YES a red sport car... Very boy right? As most of the princess design are very normal and dun really stand out, so daddy decide to get a red sport car for her. She actually prefer the Fire Engine design, but the set was too big for her room. She is so happy when the bed arrived yesterday and going around telling us " daddy buy " ... Hahaha!! Even at her age she knows who is the paying master. All those DHA etc in the milk formula are working well on these lil ones. They seem so smart and we sometimes got a shock on what they says. Our lil ones are really growing up and am enjoying every moments of it :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Megan make my day :)

Never ever thought Mother's Day can be so happy until my little princess passed me her work when i picked her up from school today. She came running to me and says " Mummy Mummy see see ".. Something she did for me with the help of her teachers. I am so touch and very very happy!! I received my first Mother's Day gift from my 2yrs old girl... I dunno how to describe my feeling but i tell myself, whatever i been thru before were all worth it!! Megan is my return... Thanks darling.. I feel so great being a MUMMY!! I will frame this up and hang in my room :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

KL/Genting trip

Followed daddy to KL as he needs to go there for work. Took a day off and went Genting. Always disappointed when goes Genting as after so many years.. still the same ~ Boring. Is not that cooling anymore maybe due to more and more hotels there. Took some indoor rides with Megan but she is not as excited compare to HK Disneyland. But hard to compare with Disneyland of cos... heehee!! Daddy needs to do KL once a month so maybe next round i will bring Megan to Sunway Lagoon.