Friday, November 26, 2010

Megan wz Hi5 casts

Bought Megan to Marina Square for the Hi5 show this evening. We were there around 5.20pm and started queueing for the 7pm show as 1st 50 will have a chance to take pictures with the casts. Daddy have never been so on about this kind of events, but for Megan he went all in. As he kn0w how Megan enjoyed herself during the Dora show just 2 days before Hi5, he was so determine to get a space for Megan. Dream came true for Megan as she always wanted Casey to carry her and her wish was granted :) In fact Tim and Stevie asked daddy if they could carry Megan and keep commenting Megan is so cute.. But our dear Megan still want Casey.. haha!! Met Tamlyn, Megan's classmate too. Spot her in the crowd and brought her in together wz Megan. They both were dancing and singing together wz the casts. That moment were priceless. Kids enjoyed this kind of events, but we adults are totally tired out.. More to come as going to bring her for Toy Story 3 tomorrow.