Friday, January 19, 2007

Dunlop autorest mattress, OUR comfy bed!!

The queen size bed i spend at least 8hours on it!! Is the most comfortable bed i have even slept on so far as it sink with my body shape. The not so colourful bedsheets that you see on this picture may means nothing to you but it actually cost near to $500 for the set of bedsheets!! WOW!! why is it so expensive? Reason is because is 800 over thread count and is so smooth that you just wont want to wake up from this bed. The bedsheets just compliment the mattress and whenever David lie on them, he will sure to say " I miss my bed so much" heehee!


Gina said...

OMG.. i want to hop onto that bed of yours!! XD

Grace Ng said...

Hi Angela,finally have some time to view yr blog.I must say U R doing vry well so far.... keep it going gal!! Wow...nice bed,very detailed description. Nice colour for bedsheet,such a forture u spent on it,i bet it must be REAL comfy huh....! (U lucky gal U...!) But i must say, the bed looks a little small.. Queen Size is it? imagine it being a Super king...!! ( wahhhh....)