Monday, August 27, 2007

Munchy Donuts

" Munchy Donut " ... I am a donut person and i can have 6 at one go. But of course i will feel very sinful after eating them but hey... who cares when is donuts are so soft and tasty. They come is box of 6 ($6.50 per/box) and box of 12 ($12.00 per/box) with over 10 favours. My personal favorites are O'shoik which you see on the picture attached, banana, and peanut butter. You don't see the other 2 in the picture cos is sold out and to have them we have to wait for another 30mins... so we gave up. I gave them 4.5 stars as so far they are the best compare to the rest.. mainly they are very fresh and soft and 1 wont be enough for you stomach. Shirlene was so angry when she saw this picture.. heehee! I wanted to buy for them to try but is at Katong, too far to go their during lunch time and if i buy a day before, it wont be nice.. so Shirlene, come to my place one of the Sunday and i shall bring you there and you eat them fresh oki... hee :p

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