Thursday, September 6, 2007

Don Pie

Went to Don Pie for lunch on Tuesday with my colleagues Celene and Karen... Too bad Shirlene cant join us as she is on leave that day due to Neh Neh Reasons..... :P
This place was recommended by my friend Margaret and their " Crab Bee Hoon" is really worth trying. Is very nice and the cashier mention is $14.80 per pot and is 1 person share. But we play save and ordered 2 pots and share among ourselves.. but guess wat... we can only finish 1 pot in the end and have to tapao the other for Elaine and May. I believe is cooked wz shao xin wine as the soup really taste so good and they even have yam inside. Will bring Angeline and Sharon to try next time and i am sure they will love it.. Yummy!!

They not only sell creb bee hoon, in fact the are also famous for their chicken and shepherd's pies. We tried a small shepherd's pie together also and wasn't too bad but i still prefer their chicken pie as i prefer pastry outer layer than mashed potatoes. We packed one chicken pie back and shared by 6 of us in the office... and after dividing, each cost S$2.65.. is reali worth it as is quite a big piece.

If you are interested, go try them and believe me.. you will love it. They are located at :-

* 25 China Street Far East Square #01-01

*Suntec City Mall Tower 3 #01-132

Tel : 65360385/63274344

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