Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sleeping Beauty & Mummy Sweet Pea

Isn't she such a cutie? This picture was taken after she finishes her milk and her daddy trying to burp her.. instead of burping, she fall sound asleep :) Her uncle Ken like this picture alot and says she really look like princess in this picture. As days goes by, I find she look more and more like me.. but they are constantly changing so time will tell. Who even she look like, she is still my precious little darling. Time flies, this coming Saturday, she will be 1 month old. Will be throwing a small baby shower for her just to invited some of my relatives and neighbour. As my place here is very small so can't throw a big party here too. Will definitely do a big want when she turn 1 year old. Saw some really cute Strawberry Shortcake party ware and i really can't wait to get them for her.
Yesterday went Novena Square with David looking for Megan's stroller toy and find that the place is really full of kids stuffs. Kids enrichment school, retail stores, piano school etc.. guess will be a good place for family to hang out. With Megan, guess shopping will not be that long as with babies, so many things are unpredictable. As she is still on total breastfeed but i pump out the milk for her as i really can't tell if she is full or not when i latch her. She still cry after latching her for more than 30mins. So going out shopping might be a hassle as i might need to bring my breast pump along... maybe things will get beta when she is bigger as after all she is premature baby, latching and sucker enough will take a while.
Mum going back to work after this Sunday. Many ask if i can cope without her around. I guess i can and i tell myself i have to try as i cant have mum here all the time to help me out also. I believe will be tough but i am sure i can make it and i am sure taking care Megan full-time will make me lost some weight also.. and that is what i really want. Honestly, i have not really following the confinement rules as i still shower and wash my hair daily, go out with David to get stuffs for Megan etc. I stopped ginger after Megan Jaundice went up and that is 1 week after birth, and i don't touch alcohol unless is cook for more than 4hrs. For me most important is Megan as i want her jaundice to go away, rest is secondary. As i believe whatever intake by me will effect her also. Just keeping my finger cross that her jaundice level come down today as she just did her 4Th blood test ever since she is discharged.
Realise she is sleeping lesser since mid of last week. She just like to be carry if not will make those cranky noise. Mum says David spoilt her as he likes to carry her and make he comfortable putting her to his chest... He enjoyed the bonding... but when he goes to work.. who suffer?? US!! I know she is too adorable, so can't help it as when you see her cranky and cries, first reaction is to carry her :p No choice.. our little princess mah. As long as she sleeps well at night, that is more important.

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