Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hi-Tea with God Mom Patricia & Hins @ Chatterbox

Being so long seen we last catch up... Miss those weekends that we spent together shopping, hi-tea, movie etc... Sistha, we shall make this kind of outing more often okay :) but am sure will be more stressful bringing kids with us now.. heehee!! Megan seems to be very curious with Hins, must be attracted by Hins's handsome look .. haha!! He is such a cutie and my dear sistha keep his hair long and make him look so much like a girl lor, cant stand his lashes as they are so loooooong... too bad he is a boy, if not will save so much on mascara :p

Today is the furthest that i had brought Megan without her daddy... Bought her to Chatterbox for high-tea and she behave very well today. Mummy is so proud my my little darling. She lies quietly in her stroller and playing with herself. At times she will turn and look at me giving me her greatest smiles :) Still though she dun like her stroller anymore as at one time, she cries so much when we put her in there and then after we have being using baby carrier. Will bring her out more often as i start to feel more and more confident bring her out... Love you baby..

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Aki Yeo said...

hahahahah !!!!!
definitely.. will make it more often....
i missed those days too... :-p
very much.... lor....