Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Out to World Farm

Every Sunday we always make it a point to bring Megan out as weekends are they only time Daddy can spend quality time with her. Daddy is always busy to work and emails on weekdays and i do feel Megan is neglected by daddy. Today, we brought her to World Farm. No doubt the journey there is a bit far but overall we did enjoy the trip there. The weather today is really humid and that is why Megan look so moody in her carrier.. hee! She is with daddy thru out and cos of her, daddy even carry umbrella.. haha!! She is quite excited when come to bright colours flowers and i do hope she have green thumb like me :)

Below is a video of her on the car ride back home and she is so talkative!!! This is also the first time i upload video in my blog... Hope you all enjoy!!

1 comment:

Grace said...

Wah, you're sure starting young huh.....?? Bringing her to educational farm trips already :)