Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Chair & Minnie Mouse

We went to Kiddy Palace and get Megan a high Chair on Monday. We starting her on semi-solid in another 2months time so thought is better to get a high chair for her. After fixing, we are suprise Megan actually sits really well in the high chair and we are so thrill. Mom and myself dun have to take turns to eat lunch now as she can sits with us and see us have lunch. Guess how much this high chair costed? $279.00 sinful dollor! Haha.. David insit to t this as this can be converted to a table and chair later on when she grow up. Is a good buy if you considering using it till she is 5yrs old. Good buy in fact. David also get Megan a Minnie Mouse as he heard from me that Megan cant take her eyes of cousin Kyan Mickey mouse toy when he is here over the weekend for dinner. And you know kid dont share their toys... so poor Megan keep looking at Kyan's Mickey and even try to reach out to it! She looks happy when we pass r the Minnie and you know what is her first reaction? Hug Minnie and next moment, put Minnie in her mouth!!! Aiyoh... Minnie now with her saliva, but she seem to enjoy >-<

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Grace said...

Megan is so cute...Look so good in all the photos, no wonder you are so proud of her!! Hey Angela, all the shots you juz posted, look SO MUCH like you leh.... every photo i see, i see Anglea's face..... really!!