Saturday, September 13, 2008

Megan 1st dip in the POOL

I am so excited and happy today as i bought Megan to the pool this afternoon. Her first drip was successful and i am very proud of my little darling. She is so excited when we dressed her up in her bathing suit and smiling away. Before i put her in her float, i drip her feet in the water and let her get use to the temperature. Then after i sit her at the ledge before i put her in the float and it went on so well. She is really happen and giggling away.. can even look into the camera and smile so what you think? I will bring her for a swim more often now as she love it. Before i am still very worry about the water in the pool as it was so cold. Even for me, i dun really swim in there unless the weather are really humid.
About this Mushroom Float, i am pretty upset about it as the top of the mushroom cant really keep the air as i think the QC failed. To get a new want is such a waste of $$$.. Sighz i will make sure they pump in front of me next time if i really get another one.

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