Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pear Puree

Today i try Pear puree for Megan as i heard from my best friend that i shouldn't start grain so soon in case Megan have problem wz digestion.. After some thoughts, i find is quite true too so went NTUC today and get some pear to make into puree for her. From the pictures you think she likes it? " No" cos the pears i bought are those normal green pear and they tasted abit sour.. so every feed you will see Megan in " mi mi " face.. is funny. Couldn't get honey pear as i find honey pear are sweeter and nicer.. So poor Megan have to bear with that for another 3days... haha!!
Preparation of Pear Puree :~
1. Skinned the pear and steam for 10mins till is soft.
2. Blend them wz U-Like blender
Is that easy... likewise for others, you do the same too except for banana and avocado, you can just mashed them as they need not have to be cooked.

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