Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Swim with Alphonsus Kor Kor

My neighbour Efon was on MC last week and Alphonsus was at home with her then. Suggested that we bring the babies for a dip downstairs and they enjoyed themselves. Initially Alphonsus was abit scare wz his new float that his mummy bought, and take a while to calm him down and let him get use to it. 10mins of warm up... he used the float and kick like a superman... haha!! Megan look more steady in her float as after all is her 3 dip in the pool using her " lao hong" mushroom float. Haha!! Suppose to let both of them swim together again but the weather wasn't too friendly and also 1 mummy hv " auntie reason " heehee!! Next week then :)

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