Monday, November 3, 2008

My dear friend ELYN

My dear friend Elyn gave me a surprise today by calling me asking what colour i think is nice for a watch... Pink or Blue! After chatting awhile, i realise actually she is buying me a birthday present. Thanks my dear... I am very happy my dear friend here have me in mind. I am very touch reading her card.. really... Knowing her make me a happier person as she shares my ups and downs. Especially the last few weeks of my pregnancy and when Megan was born. THANK YOU my dear. She bought me a very nice Heroic Rendezvous bag which i can use as diaper bag.. i really like it and my dear, i will not change for another design as this is what you have chosen for me :) Hope our friendship will last forever and knowing you make me trust there are true friends around.

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