Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Learning to READ with Daddy

Daddy have being busy with work lately so hardly have bonding time with Megan. Today after dinner, daddy decided to have a walk with Megan and myself to Popular bookstore @ Marine Parade and bought Megan a Animal book and a Barney A - Z vcd. Look at Megan, she had a good time with daddy while daddy go thru the animals book page by page with her. She even tried to turn the pages herself.. can you imagine!! The sight i had were priceless as Megan enjoyed the session so much. Daddy will be on leave soon and hope Megan can have all his attention. (** so baby.. no office email during your leave and make sure you take good care of my darling while i am away) Megan... mummy will miss you dearly for 7days and mummy will come back lots of present for you. Mummy love you **smuck**

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