Sunday, April 26, 2009

What happen to my lil Princess??

Megan was down with high fever since Tuesday. Temperature were between 38 - 38.6 degrees, it really worries me as till Saturday, the fever was still there... After Rayden's party, she cried on the car ride back for almost 40mins non stop and this had never happened to Megan before. It really upset me very much as i really dunno whats wrong with her. Once home and while changing her, mum and myself realised her tummy was covered with red spots. Mum thoughts was due to food allergy but i cut that out as no new food intro to her these few days.. next came to my mind was FAKE MEASLES!! This morning, it spread to her face and neck too.. Will bring her to PD tomorrow first thing in the morning. Her food and milk intakes drop more than half and is really upsetting. She cry alot these 2days which never happened before and very sticky to me. If i just walk away from her, she will start crying non stop for at least a good 15mins... SIGHZ... Baby... please recover soon.

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