Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daddy Lil Darling

Today is the first time i heard daddy calling Megan " DARLING "... He always call her names like Megan & Baby, but today is difference. Heehee... must be her little actions melts daddy heart. She put on this bucket hat herself just now after daddy show her how to do it, and can tell she is happy and proud about it, not forgetting the clap she wanted from us as to show support. Hahaha!! Looking at the pictures, you can tell how happy she is. She is always full of energy when daddy is home from work cos she will start all her funny tricks around the house. Megan really look like big girl now. Will instruct me to call daddy for her when she misses daddy while he is at work. When daddy talk to her on the phone, she will smile at me and i can tell she is happy listening to daddy talking and singing on the phone to her... This daddy girl only listen to daddy, daddy say sleep she sleep. Me and mum here more like her slaves and playmates. *Sighz*

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