Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Megan New Top from Gmarket

Was so into Gmarket shopping recently and have being doing shopping spree there. Ordered some Polo singlets for Megan and they fit her well. With this weather now, is good to dress her in singlet anyway. Of cos these are not real Polo, but they look nice on my little one. I got them in White, Pink and Yellow... The strawberries PP bottom, we got that from Taiwan and i totally forgot about it till mum brought out this morning. Too many cloths and i really have to start packing again.

Megan latest tricks is to tear down the whole house!!! She likes to open all the cupboards and move everything out from the cupboards. This morning, she even sat inside having her own arty there. Took out Angeline's Kotex piece by piece and threw on the floor out the cupboard. Angeline commented on these and said in the msn " she has more than 80% of her life playing with tat soon " I nearly laughed my head off. This little rascals really full of tricks sometimes!


Anonymous said...

hi, may i know how you order from gmarket.kr? thank you

Angela Lee said...

i go thru a spree organiser... you can check this out :- http://spreeattic.livejournal.com/622.html