Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Megan Ransack Daddy's Wallet

Time flies and Megan already 15months old now... She always give us surprises day by day. She has grow taller and able to tip toe and grab stuffs from the dining table, TV console etc.. Her latest achievement was grabbing daddy wallet on the dining table and go thru the items one by one. Seems to be her routine check now as this is done every evening when daddy came back from work. After all stuffs taken out of the wallet, she will throw the wallet away and walk off!! Can you beat her?? But if we start putting the stuffs back to the wallet, she will start all over again... My sis in law who is a teacher ask not to stop her as she is exploring and learning. So now i am more relax on her, what she want to do i will give in and watch. She seems to be listening to instructions well too.. when i ask her to bring something for me, be it shoes, hairband, book etc.. she will do it. Amazing!! She even throw my rubbish for me when ask to do so. 15months old baby... can you believe it?

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