Thursday, May 10, 2007

13weeks into my pregnancy (",)

Tummy getting bigger each day and can reali feel the stretch now... Did the NT scan and baby is doing find. Baby was very active when doing the scan but when taking a picture of him/her, he/she seem to keep still and dun move so much.. heehee!! Thought after 12weeks the morning sickness will be better... who knows... sighz.... i am still puking now and is always after 4pm till before dinner time it will stop. Morning sickness.. please go away soon... always pat pat baby saying please dun let mommy puke as you will be hungry if all the food i ate go to the toilet bowl.... hope it end soon. Surprisingly i can see the Nigra line already. That's fast... Next scan is 19May and hope by then can see baby gender as i cant wait to decor the room .

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