Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to Work

Went back to work since 30Jul and have being 2 weeks plus now. I am feeling much better in fact but i dun denied that i still think about the mishap on and off. Life move on isn't it and i have to tell myself to have faith and i am sure next baby will be OK. Road ahead might not be easy but i am all prepared and i have David support which means alot to me. Right now i just have to stay healthy, think positive and be happy.
Coming back to work make me happier actually as i have less time alone at home. Colleagues here make a big difference to my life and cheer me up instantly. I really appreciate them as i know they really cares and concern about me and wanted me to come back to work so they can cheer me up and keep me company. I am luckily to have these circle of friends around.
On the other hand i feel sick of working here as i find the work i am doing now dun interests me anymore. But if i quit is also not very wise as means i will be alone at home again. As discuss with David, he thinks i should just work for the time being until i get preggie again then i quit. Sighzzzzz... so aimless!!
David manage to squeeze some time to take me for a holiday and we decided to go Taiwan and Bangkok. We had a great time in Taiwan before and really hope to go back there again. I know David really make an effort to keep me company and cheer me up. I feel bad as i keep wanting to pick a fight with him sometimes. For now i am really looking forward to our holiday together and hope i can strike again really soon. Baby dust on the while... :P
TG 414 03NOV SIN-BKK 1545/1705
TG 636 03NOV BKK-TPE 1815/2255
TG 637 09NOV TPE-BKK 0845/1125
TG409 11NOV BKK-SIN 1635/1955
Have to take Thai Airways flights cos wanted to stop in Bangkok. Will stay back at Holiday Inn Bangkok as David love this hotel. Cant wait for November to come as this trip is to celebrate David and my birthday.. Really looking forward :)

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