Saturday, March 1, 2008

Combi Coccoro

This car seat look really cool right!! I really want to get this for Megan as haven seen any PINK car seat yet accept this want. Is very soft and comfy and i am sure Megan will like it. Retail price is S$399.00 and you know what, I have a deal with y sister-in-law Kathy and she is buying that for Megan.. :) I am a happy mummy now.. Having a baby is really costly, especially when you want the best for everything she use. As long as is withing our means, David and myself will do all we can for our little princess. Looking forward for her arrival... 10weeks more to go... Be good and stay in mummy tummy till full term .. smuck!!

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Chris said...

Hi, do you know where I can buy this car seat ? Is this in USA ?