Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Little Darling Megan - Borned 11/04/08 via C-sect

I had a c-sect on the 11/04/2008 @ 12noon as my blood pressure shoot up pretty high for 1 week. So the best way is to deliver the baby and c-sect is advisable too. In fact David really hope i can go thru normal birth, but after removing the cerclage, cervix still pretty hard so even induce, doesn't mean it will dilate, so better dun take the risk as per my gynea.
We checked into Mt Alvernia @ 7.30am and i was pushed to the OT around 11.20am.. Doctor injected me wz epidural @ 11.30am and the operation started at 12noon. I heard Megan first cried @ 12.23pm and i tell you, that the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me. I cried when i heard her first cried as most of you know i come a long way to have her.. after seeing her for a while, she was bought to her daddy as her daddy was too afraid to be with me during the c-sect. I was really jealous as when i first see her her eyes were closed but when daddy see her, she open her eyes... hehehe!!
I was discharged on 14/04/08 but Megan dint go home with me due to jaundice. Her reading was 11.7 so have to put her on radio therapy. I cried so much when she cant go back with me but luckily David was pretty supportive and drive me back twice that day just to see her and send my breast milk to her.. but still i miss her hips.... Megan was discharged the next day 15/04/08 when her blood test reading is 7.3 and she is ok to go home with us. We were so happy and current enjoying parenthood.
I have to say the path is not easy especially after what i had went thru... But after seeing my little princess now, all is worth it. I never regret anything, even never complaint my c-cect is painful cos no matter how much i went thru, the end result was super.. Many ask me to have No. 2, but i don't think i can as my heart can only love one and is only Megan.
** i will upload more picture when i figure out have to transfer the pictures out from my digital camera.

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Puroland said...

Congratulation on your bundle of joy!!! Megan look adorable!!! You must be bleeming with joy now. Hahaha! Take good care of yourself and rest well! Say hello to Megan for me! :)