Friday, May 16, 2008

Megan's Passport Photo

Applying passport for Megan as we thinking of going for a short holiday at Bintan. Above are the 2 pictures taken by Aunty Elyn for her passport. Both look cute isn't it... but daddy prefer the 2nd picture as he finds the first picture look abit cartoon *Diao* I prefer the first actually cos look much beta like she is smiling... the other look abit grumpy :p

David had a travel voucher of 2k and we actually wanted to go for a short holiday to Bangkok or Taiwan. As Megan still young and i am still breastfeeding, so think might not be a good idea to travel that far now. So thinking maybe Bintan will be a nice short break for us. As going Bintan don't need that much $$ so we thought will be nice to invite the rest of my family. Too bad Alan and wife cant make it if not will be a really nice family outing. Is so hard to get all on holiday together isn't it.

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