Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Notti Megan

Read from the Motherhood forum not long ago about babies rejecting bottles. I tell myself back then that i am lucky as i dun have this problem with Megan. Guess what! I realise these 2 days, she seems to reject bottle also. Start crying the moment we place the handkerchief under her neck as she know we are going to feed her. And is CRYING non-stop and with tears!!! Have to talk and coax her and act like clown in front of her in order for her to stop crying and drinks her milk.. Sighz! Just this evening, i have to use her favorite Minnie Mouse to coax her then she is willing to drinks her milk. Hope she pass this stage soon as it can be quite stressful as she is drinking lesser than before, from 125ml to 90-100ml. Megan Megan.. please be a good girl and drink your milk... the more you drink the faster we can start you on semi-solid food! g forward to that.

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