Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crocs - Dora Design

Went shopping with Patricia this afternoon and wanted to get a pair of crocs for Megan.. and so happen the latest Dora design was out.... Cant help grabbing a pair for Megan as she is sure to love it! She was so thrilled when i saw her what i got for her, keep shouting BOOTS!! hahaha!! that's her favorite character in the show i guess :) Angeline says she will pay for it and take it as Megan's birthday present.. make me think i should get another pair one size bigger to keep... hmmmmm still thinking... Crocs really come out with many nice designs like Thomas & friends, Mickey, Minnie etc... and in fact the GABE design were the 1st to attract me to the shop. Who knows i am lucky to find latest Dora design and as per the sales staff, it just OUT and hot on the selves :)

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